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Insurance brokers or specialists claim to offer a service where they will examine your insurance needs and assist you with getting the best rates possible for your individual requirements. However when involving an insurance broker you are increasing the overall cost of insurance as you will incur an upfront fee for the service. Therefore you aren’t getting the most savings. Additionally the broker will build in a “commission” into the insurance rate which helps to compensate for the personal service offered by his or her expertise. If you are looking for an affordable policy for home, auto or personal life or health insurance, cut out the middle man and get your free quote from E Insurance Advice.

In addition to getting direct savings by arranging your policy with E Insurance Advice without the use of a broker, you get the advantage of concierge services that simply cannot be offered by an independent broker. Live on site assistance and evaluation is provided by E Insurance Advice where brokers do not provide any value added services.

If your insurance is provided by a broker the best way to start getting direct savings is to get a free no obligation quote from E Insurance Advice and review your policy premiums. You will save money when you purchase your policy directly from E Insurance Advice which means you will be getting direct savings too.